Group Training

Join us for a coached workout on the road, track, and trails and become a part of our ever-expanding running community.

Personalized Training

Work alongside our coaches to develop a fully customized weekly training program that suits your lifestyle and help you   achieve you running goals.

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Training consultation

Bring us a plan, let's review it together, and adjust it so your training is focused on your specific training and racing goals.


Gotham City Runners is a training group born of old school knowledge and a new world love for running.  Created and helmed by head coach Josh Maio, GCR provides a relaxed yet focused environment for runners of all abilities looking to take their training to the next level.  We offer group, individualized, and virtual coaching designed to meet the specific needs and goals of our athletes.  Whether joining one of our in-person, group training sessions, working one-on-one with one of our coaches, or receiving personalized virtual training, Gotham City Runners will get you on the fast-track to running faster, healthier and with greater confidence. 


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