Gotham City Runners is committed to the continued cultivation of the running community and its athletes.  Running with a group of down-to-earth, driven, and like-minded athletes can elevate your training, push you outside of your comfort zone and help you find that next level.  Our year-round coached training sessions offers athletes of all abilities the opportunity to work alongside, learn, and achieve their goals with the support of the GCR crew and its coaches.  Member workouts range from track and speed work, tempo and intervals, to hill work and long runs.  Every session is designed to accommodate individuals training for everything from middle distance track events through marathons and ultra-marathons.  As a GCR member you can participate in any of our workouts, training sessions and long runs throughout the year, as well as racing with your teammates. 

If you’re interested in coming out for a workout or easy run, please contact us HERE.